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Thorfire Powerful Flashlight, BLF Q8 5000 Lumen , 4 XPL Led ,Professional Tactical Light

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Product name:BLF Q8 4X XP-L 5000LM Professional Super Bright LED Flashlight
Emitter Type:XP-L HD  V6 3D
Light temperature:4750K-5000K
Light color:Neutral White
Mode:Smooth ramping or mode set operation
Material:Aerospace grade aluminum alloy construction
Total Emitters:4x
Battery Configurations:4 x 18650 or unprotected button top (not included)
Working Voltage:3-4.2v
Switch Type:Electronic switch
Switch Location:Body side of the flashlight
Peak Beam Intensity:50,000+ cd
Impact Resistant1.2meters
Max Output:5000+ lumens
Range:450+ meters (max)
Lens:High transmittance glass
Reflector:Aluminum alloy mirror reflective cup
Waterproof:IPX-8 waterproof
Weight:400g without battery
Size:132mm x 59mm x 50mm(length x head x body diameter)

• Compact and lightweight 5000 Lumens flashlight
• Utilizes four XP-L LEDs
• Uses four 18650 batteries for maximum runtime up to 1500hours
• Features advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
• Integrated power indicator in side switch indicates remaining battery power
• Flashlight can blink out voltage with 0.1V accuracy
• Intelligent memory function for brightness levels
• Direct access to ultralow and turbo outputs
• High transmittance glass
• Stainless steel bezel ring protects core components from damage
• Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy
• HAIII military grade hard-anodized
• Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8
• Tail stand capability

Mode,Lumens and runtime:

Mode Groups:Runtime and Lumens (manufacturer tested,it will be a little bit different from the real data )
Group1:Moon 2LM/1500hTurbo
Group2:Moon 2LM/1500hLow 160LM/33hTurbo

Group3:Moon 2LM/1500hLow 70LM/66hMid 1250LM/8hTurbo
Group4:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 10LM/150hLow 160LM/33hMid 1500LM/6hTurbo
Group5:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 10LM/150hLow1 70LM/66hLow2 160LM/33hMid 1500LM/6hTurbo
Group6:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 5LM/150hLow 70LM/33hMid1 240LM/17hMid2 1100LM/10hHigh 2500LM/3hTurbo
Group7:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow1 10LM/400hUltralow2 35LM/140hUltralow3 95LM/54hLow1 160LM/33hMid 1350LM/8hHigh 2500LM/3hTurbo 5000LM40min
Group8:Moon 2LM/1500hLow 160LM/33hMid 750LM/17hHigh
Group9:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 10LM/150hMid 520LM/20hTurbo
Group10:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 10LM/150hMid 1500LM/6hTurbo
Group11:Moon 2LM/1500hLow 160LM/33hMid 1350LM/8hTurbo
Group12:Moon 2LM/1500hUltralow 5LM/600hLow 150LM/33hMid 1700LM/5.5hTurbo

Package included:
1 x BLF Q8 4X XP-L 5000LM Professional Super Bright LED Flashlight
2 x Flashlight Body Tube O-ring
1 x Flashlight Head Lens O-ring
1 x Switch cover
1 x English Manual

Before ordering please make sure that you know how to operate the flashlight.

How to use the UI: bit.ly/narsilinfo

For the safety to the battery: bit.ly/lionsafety 
For more information to see: bit.ly/blfq8

Product review from BLF Forum:http://budgetlightforum.com/node/45915


  • Tripod mount
    Integrated camera type thread mounting point make it convenient for users to use the Q8 light on standard tripods as an exterior light or for fixed illumination.
  • Compact and Durable
    The plam sized light was constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with premium Type III hard -anodized. All circuitry contact points are gold plated, enabling better conductivity and more durability. Strenthened thermal heat fins make the light st
  • Long Runtime
    Runs off 4*18650 button top batteries lasting up to 1500 hours. Kind Note: The light is intended to be used with button top 18650 batteries(Not Included). We highly recommend the use of protected cells.
  • Highly Customizable
    Q8 uses the latest NarsilM, which supporting multi channel output configurations. Users could set the interface as easy or complicated as you like. A must have for flashlight enthusiast.
  • Function
    Q8 Utilize 4 x CREE XPL V6-3D Led, projecting up to 5000 lumens. The Quad aluminum reflectors ensure the light reaches a throw range up to 492 yards.